MASH Public Programs

1) Better Hearing and Speech Program 2018

MASH organizes public awareness programs to increase knowledge of speech and hearing problems. This year MASH has planed several programs as listed below.


Click on the above link for a PDF version of the programs planned for 2018 with the theme “Connect & Communicate”
This theme was choosen to help the public realize the that communication is about connecting with one another. While we generally assume communication is the verbal exchange between 2 individuals, it also involved non-verbal communication. Communication starts with the desire to connect with one another. Once this is establish, then we can communicate with various methods, with verbal communication taking a bigger percentage of it.

Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and Audiologist help individuals to make that connection.

2) MASH facebook page

MASH has just launched its public page on facebook for the public in MAY 2018 in conjunction with the Better Hearing and Speech month. Please visit to get the latest news and updates from MASH on the MASH facebook page.

This page was made to help the public connect with MASH so as to allow better communication with the public on speech-language and hearing issues. Members of MASH have noted the sudden increase of “fake news” with regards to rehabilitation matters such as taking supplements to improve speech-language problems and putting garlic in your ear to cure hearing problems. Thus in line with the theme of “Connect & Communicate” the MASH facebook page was launched.

The aims of the MASH facebook page are:
1. To connect and support members of the public understand better the work of Audiologists and Speech-Language Therapists, particularly those in Malaysia.
2. To inform members of the public of events held to celebrate BHSM 2018 in Malaysia.
3. To increase public awareness of speech-language, hearing, communication and swallowing difficulties.
4. To announce initiatives organised by members of MASH to promote audiology and speech-language therapy services.
5. To act as a platform for members of the public to obtain basic information on areas related to Audiology and Speech-Language Therapy.

The MASH FB Page is NOT for the following purposes:
1. To provide online consultation on specific cases.
2. To sell or promote a product or service unless discussed with the administrators in advance.

We look forward to connecting and sharing with you.

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