AHP Bill Passed


Dear members

The Parliament has passed the AHP Bill! This act will likely been enforced by end of this year, or early this year. This act will protect the public from bogus SLP or Audiologist. Just to remind everyone that there are several implications from this act that need your attention:

1. For the SLP group, in this act, we will be known as Speech-Language Therapist and not Speech-Language Pathologist.

2. You need to register in the AHP system – http://ahpsystem.moh.gov.my/. There are 2 type of registration – register as the profession, and register to practice. If you are planning to take a break from practicing, you are highly encouraged to register only as the profession. Registration fees are applicable to both types of registrations.

3. The renewal for practice must be made every 2 years. You need to have a minimum of 30 CPD point every year as a requirement to renew your practice.

You are highly encouraged to register in the AHP system now to avoid system traffic.

Please refer to the AHP slides which were disseminated early this year, following the road show on AHP in PPUKM.

Let's hope that this act will set a stepping stone to uplift our professionals standard in this beloved country, for the benefits of our society.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!" – Helen Killer

26 October 2015
10.58 pm


The Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing

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