Greetings for the new year 2015


2014 – a year with full of challenge for Malaysia. I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to all the flood victims in East Coast and other states in Malaysia; as well as to the family and friends of MH370, MH17 dan QZ8501.

There are many aspects that we could ponder and learn from these incidents. Allow me to highlight the effort by Syed Azmi – an amazing guy who was associated with "I Want to Touch a Dog Program". His tag 'tamak pahala' has driven him to work collaboratively with many associations, organizations and individuals to gather relief help to those flood victims. His drive is based on his belief that he can create the change to get everyone to be kind to each other.

Let's translate this into our context. How much we believe that our professions, Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist, are important? How much we believe that we could make a difference to our society through the work we do? How much we believe that we could work together, through MASH, and create the change that we want?

As a citizen, I believe that it is not about what can Malaysia do for me, but it has to be what can I contribute to Malaysia and make this country a better place. I also believe that this similar question should be asked by each of us in MASH. MASH provides us a platform to work together in building up our professions, for us and for the nations.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Low Hui Min L and her team for the excellent effort in organizing the Special Education Seminar on 6 December 2014. Kudos to the Speech Therapy Team of PPUKM for the successful organization of It Takes Two to Talk Certification Workshop on 13-15 November 2014. Congratulations to Ms Lok Siew Yen for the continuous SIG Autism sessions, and a big applaud to Ms Linda Blankanette for the excellent Pediatric Feeding Workshop on 5-7 November 2014. A special thank to Ms Cecilia Santiago , Ms Grace Koh and Ms Jennifer Peters for the wonderful sharing with the undergraduate Speech Sciences students of UKM.

In this note, I also would like to urge everyone to uphold a high ethics and professionalism in our practice.

In 2015, we will begin the calendar with a session on Allied Health Act, delivered by the Allied Health Division, Ministry of Health. All members are invited to this session, which will be held on 24 January 2015, 2.30 – 4.30 pm, at Auditorium PPUKM. This session is also opened to non-members – so, please spread this invitation around.

We hope to organize more activities for our members and the professions in this year. Come forward and throw your idea. Let's create dream and realize it together!

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much – Helen Killer"

1 January 2015, 11 pm


The Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing

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