Greetings from Nothingham

Dear members

Greetings from Nottingham. It has been a great personal learning curve here and challenge too to adapt myself with the whether and temperature. This journey reminds me to the responsibility that we hold in equipping our knowledge with the best and evidenced-based practice as well as educating the public to empower them.

With this thought in mind, I would like to thank the Exco for putting the effort together to bring you our, MASH, seminar and public talk session on this 12 November 2017. It is designed for us to grow together and create impacts in our work, as well as an opportunity to reconnect and network with each other. We will also launch our mentor program in this event. Don't wait – book your place now!

Spread the words to your colleagues so that we can learn together. Extend the invitation to attend the public talk to your contacts so that we could empower them.

Let's make this special event a success because together we can do so much!

24 October 2017
1.13 pm (UK)



The Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing

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