March 2015 Updates

18 March 2015 – we are near to the quarter of 2015. I would like to invite everyone to reflect how much we have achieved our goals for 2015. Let us also reflect how much we have contributed to our profession, our society and our nation. Are we prepared for the AHP, GST and all sorts of challenges in our professional field and country?

I wish to highlight The Exco Members are continuously looking for opportunities to support the professional development in our members, both Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists. This can be made possible with the continuous support and involvement from the members, to ensure the continuity of all initiatives made.

In conjunction with this aim, I am pleased to announce that MASH has been approached by the Bridges who has kindly offered an online course for MASH members, focusing on social training for children with ASD and social communication difficulties, at discounted rate. More discount will be given if you register in group – do gather yourselves and sign up together! Read up the flyer as attached and check out their website for details

On the other hand, I believe all members have plenty ideas to create positive change and impact to our fields. Therefore, I would like to invite any of you to come forward with your vibrant thought and work together, even a step can lead to a phenomenal difference.

NB: Please keep on writing your concern about the Speech Therapy Project in Kuching. We need to work together to stop this misleading workshop. Full article can be found here Link to full article –…/state-to-implement…/

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" – Helen Killer



Social Training for children with ASD update file – Social Training MASH Flier_090315


The Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing

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