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Malaysian Association of Speech-Language and Hearing, May 2020
MASH Statement in light of Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO)
As we enter May and a different Better Hearing and Speech Month than usual, a number of us would be wondering on how the announcement of the conditional MCO or PKPB will affect us as professionals in audiology and speech-language therapy.

It is to be noted, at the federal level, all private centres and businesses are now allowed to operate as normal but taking into account the specific SOP stated by the MKN for our field of practise.

Although the restrictions for individuals to travel has been removed within the same state, we would recommend all employed professionals to have a letter from their employer affirming their needs to be at workplace during this period.

The best prevention for COVID-19 remains isolation of contact between 2 individuals as the possibility of one being an asymptomatic carrier can never be discounted. As such, MASH continues to advocate telehealth practise where possible. However, we are well aware of the limitations of
telehealth for some of our patients and needs. As such, the clinician needs to evaluate the best approach in minimizing the possibility of infection. Some of the things that we must practise when seeing patients directly would be:-

  1. Close contact of less than 1.5 meters must be minimized as much as possible.
  2. Usage of 3 ply surgical masks must be mandatory. Consideration of clinician using masks with clear mouth piece for ease of communication.
  3. Avoid having multiple patients in the waiting room. Patients can wait in their cars and are called in after the previous patient has left. For this purpose, a strict appointment system needs to be implemented.
    Malaysian Association of Speech-Language and Hearing, May 2020
  4. Practise hand hygiene diligently prior, during and post sessions. Have available hand sanitisers for your clients’ use. Encourage your clients to sanitise their hands prior to their session with you.
  5. If you are handling items that come into contact with the patient, usage of gloves are recommended.
  6. Inform your clients of your clinic’s SOPs prior to their appointment. Make these also visible in your clinic and on your website (where applicable).
  7. Advise clients to remain at home if they are exhibiting any common flu symptoms.

For audiology services, we find the recommendations from the British Society of Audiology to be very thorough and covers most of the areas of concern with patient care.

Similarly, the guideline from the Royal College of Speech-Language Therapists covers all pertinent areas to be considered by the Speech-Language Therapist. ASLTIP_guidance_to_IP_27-March2020.pdf?la=en&hash=3F55679D234CD5189CAC3115DCDB6E175E4BE4FB
As we continue to serve our patients in this trying times, please be mindful of your own safety and health too. Feel free to reach out to each other on our closed group FB or the EXCO with any concerns or queries. Supporting each other through this trying time is one of the fundamental reasons for MASH to exist.


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The Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing

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