October 2016



Dear members

I would like to begin this note by inviting all members to reflect on our role and contribution in our fields, both Audiology and SLT. We are all leaders and we can be the agent of change. If each of us in MASH throws a stone in the pond, imagine the changes and ripple effects that we could get from it. We are all responsible to create a cohesive, sustainable differences in our society and I strongly believe we could do a lot through collaborative efforts in MASH.

I am proud to share that MASH had recently Co- hosted an event with Gleneagles hospital Kota Kinabalu to initiate a passionate professionals high tea meet for developmental diagnostic professionals.

The response was positive with 40 professionals from various medical and allied health fields meeting together in one room for a light night of hearing stories from medical professionals who have children with developmental challenges, and a time of sharing by the floor.

The outcome of the meeting was a decision on a collaborative list to enhance patient care. People left connected in some way, which was wonderful.

Congratulations to the team, headed by Pamela TJ for this awesome effort!

On the other hand, MASH has also be appointed as the secretary of MyCAHP, the Confederation of Allied Health Professions of Malaysia. I trust through this platform, we would be able to stregthen the network and collaboration to leverage the standards of the health professionals in Malaysia.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!" – Helen Keller

9 October 2016
10.03 pm




The Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing

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