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LIH Healthcare Open Positon Notice-Paediatric SLP

Paediatric Speech-Language Pathologist

LIH Healthcare is looking for 6 bilingual Paediatric Speech-Language Pathologists with active license who are dedicated to an inter-disciplinary, family-centered approach and have a strong customer service orientation for our three branch facilities in Beijing/Shenzhen/ Kunming,China.

This is your chance to play your part in changing young lives for the better.
Living and working in China can be the personal and professional experience of a lifetime.

Essential Job Function:

In this role, you will deliver a combination of direct service and consultation to the team. You will further serve as a liaison between the client, family & School, program director, as well as other allied health professionals including the client’s physician, applied behavior analyst, occupational therapist, clinical psychologist and developmental behavior pediatric for coordinating care. Ability to be flexible in handling cultural sensitivities is a must.

Your Role and Responsibility:

❖ Assess and treat infants, children, and teenagers with developmental, congenital, and neuro-muscular disorders as well as those recovering from injury or illness.
❖ Use special instruments, qualitative and quantitative assessment methods, including clinical observation and standardized tests, to analyze and diagnose the nature and extent of impairments and the effect on age- or developmentally-appropriate tasks and activities.
❖ After evaluation write quality evaluation reports, develop treatment plans, and manage individualized treatment focused on the patient’s individual goals. Play and daily family activities should be incorporated into treatment planning and home programs as applicable to promote ongoing success.
❖ Maintain treatment records, progress reports, and discharge reports of clients in an appropriate, timely and effective manner.
❖ To regularly review progress and adjust treatment plans according to level of progress and parent goals.
❖ To provide parent training and support as an integral part of the therapy programme, working with family members to recognize and change neuromotoric, physical, sensory processing and/or behavior patterns that impede progress.
❖ Work collaboratively with peers, schools, teachers, and other support staff, parents within the child’s natural environment to promote ongoing success.
❖ When working within the school setting; collaborate with teachers, special educators, interpreters, other school personnel, and parents to develop and implement individual or group programs, provide counselling as indicated, and supportive classroom activities including but not limited to positioning, mobility, adapted activities, and assistive devices.

Preferred Background & Qualifications:

❖ Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent programme) in speech and language therapy from accredited university or college;
❖ Minimum 5 years of post-qualification work experience;
❖ A minimum of 3 years working in a pediatric setting;
❖ License and/or certificate showing ability to work as a speech and language therapist;
❖ Fluent in English and Chinese.

Compensation & Benefits

• Competitive annual salary: USD30,000-65,000
• Sponsored visa for expatriate staff
• 11 Chinese public holidays
• 10 days paid time off (PTO)
• Expatriate employee relocation package
• Clinical supervision
• Professional development/continuing education
• Patient referral bonus program
• Employee recruitment bonus program


You can contact us to learn more about current open positions and specific requirements:
• Contact person: Ms. Zoe Liu
• Recruitment hotline: +86 159 2133 5449
• E-mail address:
• Website:


The Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing

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