Principles of Ethics III

Individuals shall honour their responsibility to the public by promoting public understanding of the professions, by supporting the development of services designed to fulfill the unmet needs of the public, and by providing accurate information in all communications involving any aspect of the professions.

Rules of Ethics

  • Individuals shall not misrepresent their credentials, competence, education, training, or experience.


  • Individuals shall not participate in professional activities that constitute a conflict of interest.


  • Individuals shall not misrepresent diagnostic information, services rendered, or products dispensed or engage in any scheme or article to defraud in connection with obtaining payment or reimburstment for such services or products.


  • Individuals' statements to the public shall provide accurate information about the nature and management of the communication disorders, about the professions, and about professional services.


  • Individuals' statements to the public- advertising, annoucing, and marketing their professional services, reporting research results, and promoting products- shall adhere to prevailing professional standards and shall not contain misrepresentations.

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