Principles of Ethics IV

Individuals shall honour their responsibilities to the professions and their relationships with colleagues, students, and members of allied professions. Individuals shall uphold the dignity and autonomy of the professions, maintain harmonious interprofessional and intraprofessional relationships, and accept the profession's self-imposed standards.

Rules of Ethics

  • Individuals shall prohibit anyone under their supervision from engaging in any practice that violate the Code of Ethics.


  • Individuals shall not engage in dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, or any form of conduct that adversely reflects on the professions or on the individuals's fitness to serve persons professionally.


  • Individuals shall assign credit to those who have contributed to a publication, presentation, or product. Credit shall be assigned in proportion to the contribution; and only with the contributor's consent.


  • Individuals' statements to colleagues about professional services, research results, and products shall adhere to prevailing professional standards and shall contain no misrepresentations.


  • Individuals shall not provide professional services without exercising independent professional judgement, regardless of referral source or prescription.


  • Individuals who have reason to believe that the Code of Ethics has been violated shall inform the Ethical Practice Committee.


  • Individuals shall coperate fully with the Ethical Practice Committee in its investigation and adjudication of matters related to this Code of Ethics.

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