Principles of Ethics II

Individuals shall honour their responsibility to achieve and maintain the highest level of the professional competence..


Rules of Ethics

  • Individuals shall engage in the provision of clinical services only when they possess the appropriate qualifications or when they are in the certification/qualifying process and are supervised by an individual who possesses the appropriate qualifications.


  • Individuals shall engage in only aspects of the professions that are within the scope of their competence, considering their level of educaation, training and experience.


  • Individuals shall continue their professional development throughout their careers.


  • Individuals shall delegate their provision of clinical services only to persons who are qualified or to persons in the education or qualifying process who are appropriately supervised. The provision of support services maybe delegated to persons who do not possess clinical qualifications only when a qualified speech-language pathologist or audiologist provides appropriate supervision.


  • Individuals shall prohibit any of their professional staff from providing services that exceed the staff member's competence, considering the staff member's level of education, training and experience.


  • Individuals shall ensure that all equipment used in the provision of services are in proper working order and are appropriately calibrated.



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