Taarana School – SLP Position Available

Job Title:
Speech and Language Pathologist
Yayasan Vijayaratnam
Department: – Country: Malaysia
Reports to: Principal # of Subordinates:
Date Updated: 8 December 2014  
Job Summary
Evaluates, plans, advice and treat speech and language problems
Help students communicate effectively
Takes care of entire speech, language and communication needs of the school
Responsibilities & Accountabilities
JOB DESCRIPTION:   The speech and language therapists evaluates, plans, advice about and treat speech and language problems of students, to help them to communicate effectively. The speech therapist creates programs effectively to cater to the needs of the students. The speech therapist takes care of the entire speech, language and communication needs of the school/centre.  
You are required to do assessment, set goals, implement programs and update parents regarding the student’s progress as required.
You will design the program for your students based on your assessment and create IEP for each student.  
You will modify the goals based on the student’s needs from time to time.              
You will make sure that all materials related to therapy session are ready before the commencement of the session.              
You will be responsible for planning out of the sessions before the commencement of each session.              
Your responsibilities include arranging and managing the physical structure, visual strategies and following high tech and low tech communication options that best addresses the student’s needs.  
You will implement communication devices based on the need of the students.              
You will monitor the progress of the student by keeping a record and by marking the data.              
You will meet and discuss the progress of the students’ Principal on a regular basis.                          
You will meet and discuss with parents, the progress of the students with a written report every 3 months.              
You will work as a team with your co-workers and guide them on speech/ communication related matters in a professional manner.              
You will be positively committed to your students and help them reach their potential.              
You will be a case manager to your students and report and update to the /Principal as required. You will discuss and consult treatment plans directly with the Principal.              
You will abide by the protocol and follow rules and procedures of the school
Diploma in Speech and Language Pathology
Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology  


The Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing

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