Vaccination Update 2021


Dear members,
Over the past few weeks, the EXCOs have joint effort with MASH regional chapters/groups to strategize our appeal to the state and federal governments.

We’re very glad that members in some regions have been listed. Next week, the EXCOs will try escalate an appeal to the MOH & JKJAV.

In order to make a case, we need an update on the no. of members who have NOT received any vaccination appointments. Please fill and help circulate the survey to MASH members this weekend:

The EXCOs are feeling very grateful for these leaders/volunteers 🙏🏻:-
1) Sabah Chapter – Pamela Thomas Joseph
The 2 members who are pending for vaccination have been listed for June 14. Hooray!

2) Northern Chapter – Hui Min L
The 9 members have started to receive calls for vaccination from the stand-by list. 😄

3) Sarawak Group – Etain Lopez
4) Southern Group – June Ng
5) Central (KL & Selangor) – EXCOs
Please be patient with us. We’ll keep you posted! 😌💪🏼

Warmest regards,
Faith Ng


The Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing

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