Vision & Mission


Our Mission

  • To act as a professional body governing the speech-language pathology and audiology profession in Malaysia.
  • To work towards the issue of a ‘certificate to practise’ as a legal requirement to practise in Malaysia.
  • To promote appropriate academic and clinical preparation of individuals entering the discipline of human communication and hearing science and disorders, and to promote the advancement in the knowledge and skills of those within the discipline.
  • To establish the law and practice relating to all matters connected with these professions and with the exercise of supervision over its members when engaged in professional duties as defined by the Code of Ethics.
  • To foster the development of clinical services and procedures for communication and hearing disorders.
  • To uphold the rights and interest of the people with communication and hearing disorders.
  • To promote the publication of information concerning speech, language and hearing to the public and relevant professionals.
  • To promote research into human communication and hearing.

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