BHSM 2022 – Communication and Wellness

The Malaysian Association of Speech and Hearing (MASH) celebrates Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) yearly in May. Through the pandemic, Malaysians stayed connected as a close-knit community and broke barriers to communication with resilience. This year we rise to celebrate our theme Communication and Wellness.

When hearing and the ability to communicate or speak or listen or engage is affected, one’s mental health and well-being in turn will be affected. The overwhelming feeling of not hearing nor processing information, of not being understood, facing difficulties expressing emotions, struggling to convey information and participating in society can lead to loneliness and impoverished self confidence.

This year, we at MASH aim to help our local communities nationwide understand how hearing, speech and communication problems can be understood better and managed in order to enhance overall communication and well-being.


The Malaysian Association of Speech Language and Hearing

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