MASH FAQs 2018-2020

For Professionals & Students

Overseas graduate/ SLT & Audiologist – Job Vacancy and Volunteering

1) Where do I find job vacancies? 

You can refer to the MASH Member directory and contact each employer individually. Or, you may keep an eye on the MASH website from time to time for any job vacancies. 

2) Where do I find volunteering opportunities?

You can contact our members in the MASH Member directory to find out more information according to their workplace requirements. Volunteering for MASH is usually ad-hoc in nature and depending on short-term or project based opportunities. So, please register with us at thesecretary@mash.org.my for future opening. 


3) What are the benefits of becoming MASH’s members? 

Click here: https://mash.org.my/wp-content/uploads/MASH-Membership-Benefits.pdf to learn more about MASH membership privileges. 

4) Is there a separate membership process for mutual recognition with other overseas associations such as ASHA, RCSLT and SPA?

All applicants for ordinary / associate membership must submit the online MASH Membership Application Form and provide relevant documents during the application. 

You may attach documents of other overseas associations (e.g. ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) ) to support your application in the online form. 

Professional Issues

5) Where can I access the Code of Ethics? 

The Code of Ethics is available on our website at www.mash.org.my

6) What is the Standard of Practice?

The Standard of Practice outlines the best conduct of a registered and fully qualified audiologist and the Speech Language Therapist. This is being re-worked on by the current Executive Committee and will be made available to all members on the website soonest.

7) How do I access mentorship or external supervision? 

MASH does not provide an actual external supervision and this should be arranged on your own accord or by your association. Supervisory roles are full time, active roles and numeration needs to be considered, and privately organised. We do not provide this as an association.

Mentoring however, is an available programme within the association. Search for MENTORS to look up for available mentors you might want to consider and write in to the Professional Issues portfolio at mashmentorship@gmail.com and request to be paired with the professional.

If you are uncertain, you can also simply write in to the coordinator who will look up the most suitable mentor for you based on your need, request for help and location and connect you by email.

If you like to sign up to be a mentor, you will need to download the form on our website indicating areas you are comfortable mentoring another and get it to the Coordinator at mashmentorship@gmail.com. Your service is very much welcomed.


8) Where do I find information about AHP Act 774? 

Members can visit the Ministry of Health website or at the following web:

http://alliedhealth.moh.gov.my/index.php/ms/ Or download the AHP ACT 774 at the

following link: http://www.federalgazette.agc.gov.my/outputaktap/aktaBI_20160218_ACT776-


9) Where do I lodge a report about breach of professionalism? 

All MASH registered members follow MASH code of ethics and standard of practice. These codes define practice principles that each member of the professions is expected to uphold. Breaching of professionalism can result in the member’s membership being suspended or revoked.

If you have encountered an incident of possible breach of professionalism, please submit a detailed report of incidents to us at thesecretary@mash.org.my. An investigation will be conducted by MASH EXCO before any actions. 

Members can also write an official letter and address it to Bahagian Sains Kesihatan

Bersekutu (BSKB) specifically to:


Bahagian Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu

Kementarian Kesihatan Malaysia 

Aras 2, Blok A, Bangunan Utama Chancery PlaceJalan Diplomatik 2, Presint Diplomatik

Presint 16 62650 Putrajaya

Tel  : +603-88901011 

Faks : +603-88901060

Student Affairs

10) How do I become a Speech-Language Therapist or Audiologist? 

Students interested in a career in Speech Therapy and/or Audiology should earn a bachelor’s degree in Speech Therapy, Communication Sciences and disorders or a bachelor’s degree Audiology from an accredited university.

11) What qualification (SLT & Audiologist) is required to practice in Malaysia? 

Graduated with a degree in Speech Therapy, Communication Sciences and disorders or a bachelor’s degree Audiology from an accredited university, who are also certified to be clinically fit (with required number of clinical hours) to practice as a Speech Therapist and/or Audiologist can practice in Malaysia.

12) How do I become a local student member and how much does it cost? 

The MASH student membership is only open for Malaysian full time students who are pursuing studies in an accredited programme in speech-language pathology or audiology locally or overseas. 

To register as MASH student member, fill up the online registration form here:  https://form.jotform.me/91160845205452

No membership fee will be applied until your graduation. Your MASH student membership will expire after your graduation. After the graduation, you are required to reinstate your membership by applying the MASH ordinary membership. 

13) How do I become an overseas student member and how much does it cost?

The MASH student membership is open for ALL Malaysian full time students who are pursuing studies in an accredited programme in speech-language pathology or audiology locally or overseas. The application process has been outlined as above. 

The MASH student membership is not open for non-Malaysian citizens.

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