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MASH supports the area of research and publications amongst speech and hearing professionals in Malaysia. As the workers of the field are few, MASH began collating research abstracts from all Speech-Language & Hearing Professionals in Malaysia including the unpublished work of undergraduate students to share these with all who are keen on dipping into the taste of research in Malaysia.
A host of varied papers have been submitted with interesting informative outcomes. We are grateful to all Speech-Language & Hearing Professionals who constantly share their work to others in hope that this enhances the work at the grassroots. MASH is not able to condone all information provided by these abstract submissions and collations especially at the undergraduate level. Therefore, information should be deciphered with care. However, we remain confident that the work is of substantial standard as it is supervised by qualified Speech-Language & Hearing Professionals.
MASH wishes to thank three universities in Malaysia for their continued support and collaboration – the National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) , the Science University of Malaysia (University Sains Malaysia) and the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

These links to abstracts of research done by MASH members.
Research Abstract Submissions
MASH looks forward to receiving abstract submissions at any time.
Submission of abstracts should be in English and/or Bahasa Malaysia (English preferred). Abstracts submitted to MASH are not copyrighted by the association. The abstract submission form is downloadable here.

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