Special Interest Groups

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are freely available to all ordinary, associate and student members. 

To join the SIG, please indicate your interest when you apply or renew your MASH membership.


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

The AAC SIG is a platform  to increase the awareness among speech language therapists to support AAC across the lifespan.


  1. To increase SLTs awareness and uptake of AAC systems and resources to better serve their clients.
  2. To support communication with everyone, every time, everywhere and with every mode

Meet the AAC SIG leaders

  1. Deborah Yong
  2. Kate Lim Hui Hui
  3. Hazel Cheah
  4. Yanis Wong


The audiology SIG aims to gather the audiologists in MASH to discuss interesting or challenging clinical cases. It would also be a platform for sharing resources such as webinars, articles and others. 


  1. To enable MASH audiologists to network and share clinical as well as audiology related issues

Meet the Audiology SIG leaders

  1. Wilson Tan
  2. Saravanan


This SIG is a space for the exchange of information and ideas among members. Join us to network among audiologists/SLTs who have interests in aphasia!


  1. To promote knowledge and skill sharing among SLTs/SLPs and audiologists in Malaysia
  2. To network with SLTs/SLPs working in the field of aphasia
  3. To facilitate and support aphasia-related initiatives from members
  4. To promote dissemination of research in the field of aphasia.

Meet the Aphasia SIG leaders

  1. Diong Zhi Zhi
  2. Tay Chia Yi

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

We are a professional community dedicated to support and facilitate language, speech and communication development in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  1. To serve as a platform for peer learning, active discussion and sharing amongst the members
  2. To improve quality of life for autistic individuals using Evidence Based Practices
  3. To promote dissemination of research in the field of ASD

Meet the ASD SIG leaders:

  1. Looi Wei Li
  2. Goo Tzy Yeen
  3. Deng Jia Ern
  4. Yong Ennie


The CLLD SIG is a platform for speech-language therapists to support children with language and literacy disorders as well as to work collaboratively with their families and other related professionals.


  1. To promote knowledge and skill sharing among SLTs/SLPs and audiologists in Malaysia
  2. To provide SLTs and audiologists with resources related to language and literacy development and disorders
  3. To support and advocate for the use of evidence-based clinical practice

Meet the CLLD SIG leaders:

  1. Loh Yeng Sze
  2. Cho Kai Shuo
  3. Lim Shu Yi
  4. Chee Lay Fen


Members discuss dysphagia and professional issues via FB or Whatsapp. We also meet 2-3 times a year to discuss webinars/podcast watched.


  1. To increase member’s knowledge on latest dysphagia issues
  2. To network with SLPS working in the field of dysphagia

Meet the Dysphagia SIG leaders:

  1. Yong Chihui
  2. June Ng

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